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Affordable Long Distance Moving Services

We offer a variety of Moving services including Long Distance Moving. We move to all 50 States. Call us or simply fill out the form to get a instant quote for out of state moving

If you are planning to move sometime soon, you are probably looking for Affordable, Professional and trusted Moving company. We do Long Distance and Out of State moves.

We have done Lot’s of  moving and all our customers satisfied with our services. We don’t share your items with other customers.

We only provide private truck which is exactly assigned for your move. We give you Flat Binding Quote which will not raise at all.

We do FREE IN HOME ESTIMATES. We are affordable and most trusted Long Distance moving company in DMV area.

You can trust us with your long distance moving project. We have years of experience moving people out of state.

We are here to solve your  Moving needs. With years of experience in Moving we are proud to offer our services to the DMV area!

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Zebna Movers

Making a long-distance relocation is now simpler than ever.

When relocating to a new area, you need to take special precautions. For a trouble-free cross-country relocation, rely on the dedicated assistance of our customer service team.

Long-distance movers should exceed expectations.

Ø Exclusive truck for your belongings

No need to worry about having to fit anybody else into your moving vehicle or on your moving day. Using Zebna Group, you could have a moving truck delivered to your door, completely loaded by trained movers, and transported straight there.

Ø Long-distance moving quotation guaranteed

Our quotes for long-distance moves are guaranteed to be the total price you’ll pay. Our prices are low, and there are no extra charges.

Ø On-demand pickup and shipping

No need to waste time waiting for service windows. If you use Zebna Group service, you can rest assured that your furniture and other belongings will arrive when they are supposed to.

Shifting within the same state

It can be challenging to schedule moves within the same state as other moving companies. Booking a local move is impossible, but as soon as you say, “long distance,” the price jumps dramatically. Don’t worry; Zebna Group’s concierge method allows us to organize home or office relocations with no hidden costs to you.

Interstate moving

Whether you require basic packing providers or a comprehensive relocation plan, we are your reliable long-distance moving partner. Since we are a countrywide moving company, we can transport your belongings to any state or province in the country. We’ve got your back whether you need help moving an entire household, just a few items of furniture, or setting up new office equipment.


Unique long-distance moving.

Ø Simple booking

Instead of waiting for an in-home estimate, you can get a price in a matter of minutes using our convenient estimate tool, or you can book over the phone with a member of our dedicated customer care team. Once you’ve scheduled your relocation, you may access your customer dashboard at any moment to make changes to your booking.

Ø Directly from point A to B

Whether you’re arriving for a business relocation or for some other reason, we understand the value of your time. A dedicated truck ensures that your belongings will make it to your new home without delays. There will be zero distractions from anything but the task at hand for your crew.

Ø Relocation assistance

Your dedicated relocation coordinating staff will be there for you from the beginning until long after the move is complete. Our long-distance moving consultants will work with you to create a tailored strategy to make your relocation quick, easy, and stress-free. In case of problems, you will have an entire staff to address them immediately.

It is your turn to act now.

Since every relocation is different, we provide flexible service options, so you may select the options that work best for you—stumped for ideas? You have a lot of choices, so let us help you sort them out.

Long-Distance Relocation Advice

Ø Think About Your Daily Commute

Finding the ideal home in a new city is an exciting but nerve-wracking experience. Among the most crucial factors to consider is the commute time to and from your new home. How long would your commute be? Do any nearby shops have the things you require? Where can I find reliable public transportation?


Ø Consult family and friends.

It’s helpful to get recommendations from loved ones when searching for a new home. Inquire about their thoughts on the situation, whether there is anything they think you should be aware of or worried about, and the length of their commute from their previous location. Look into the local schools to see if they are good and not too crowded. How convenient is it to take public transit to and from your home, workplace, or school?

Ø Make yourself at ease.

Making sure it’s a location where you can truly be yourself is the final step in finding the right new home. It may seem out of place on this list, but you’ll eventually have to decide whether to move for a job or remain there.


How to Hire Long Distance Movers?

First, make sure you know what kind of moving services you need and that they have upfront, transparent costs. Zebna Group provides customized move plans with transparent pricing. Check our company reviews online.

How early should I book a long-distance move?

Most long-distance moving companies require at least four weeks’ notice. However, if you use Zebna Group service, you can schedule long-distance movers and get a reliable quote for their services as early as eight days before your move.

How much does it cost to relocate across the country?

The American Moving & Storage Association estimates that the average cost of a long-distance move is $4,300. However, this number will vary greatly depending on the size of your home and the distance you are travelling. All expenses, including transportation, storage, and lodging, were factored into this total price.

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